What to Sell on Amazon - Winning Tips for a Successful Business

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What to Sell on Amazon - Winning Tips for a Successful Business

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Every entrepreneur wants to sell something on the world’s leading online store. Amazon sells over 10 million products and their returns on investment varies.

Top-Selling Categories on Amazon

Amazon gives sellers the opportunity to reach a diverse set of people, especially through the Amazon FBA platform. For most Amazon customers, they use Amazon because of the large number of products available to be sold on a daily basis. These items range from skincare products to tech stuff and household necessaries, and customers are quite sure that Amazon would meet their needs. The top-selling items on Amazon are found in the following categories:

1.     Electronics

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Amazon provides a variety of products in this category. The best-selling electronics in this section are the Fire TV Stick and Alexa Voice Remote Control, the Echo Dot, Amazon Basics Cables, etc. These items all have nothing less than a four-star rating with tons of positive reviews from fulfilled customers.

2.     Camera and Photos

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The Camera and Photos category is often found together with Electronics. The category includes cameras and their accessories, Fujifilm instant film, baby monitors, security cameras, etc. Other photography equipment is also found here.

3.     Games and Toys

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Toys and games are constantly made and put out on the online market and beyond. Every movie released births a series of must-have toys as well as games updated on the store. Because of this, a continuous supply of new toys and games is made available all year long. A large number of Amazon sales are made from this category, especially during the holiday season. Kids form a large percentage of buyers in this category. After all, children need their playthings, don’t they?

4.     Books

products to sell on amazon

 Amazon initially started out as an online book retailer. Jeff Bezos originally started out with the Earth’s largest bookstore. However, Amazon has become more digital-oriented and now offers a wider range of products. Books are still relevant as a best-selling category, with most best-selling books being epic adventure novels. The book category is also noted for making major sales in classic book editions and college textbooks.

5.     Clothing, Jewelry, and Shoes

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This class of items consists of everyday tops and bottoms, dresses, women’s and men’s underwear, shoes, athletic wear, accessories, etc. Amazon has become a major online store for clothing and fashion accessories. Customers exploit the Amazon Prime package as they can receive their purchases more quickly for this section, with a wide range of options for customers.

6.     Video Games

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This category boasts as the most lucrative for Amazon and is worth over $100 billion. The video game category has a large audience. Amazon customers have their pick from Play Station, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, among other video gaming software.

What to Sell on Amazon-Key Points

Making the choice of what to sell is a tough decision for Amazon sellers. If you sell a product with little or no competition at all, there’s a high tendency that customers will not hear about it. To make it big in the eCommerce business within the littlest possible time, it is best to take note of the following key points:

#1: Simple Products

Sell simple products. It makes no sense to begin your Amazon business with products that won’t bring in immediate profit.

#2: Avoid Seasonal Products

Avoid seasonal products like winter supplies and Christmas items. Rather, focus on indispensable items that everyone can use. This way, you increase the chances of your product getting noticed. Monitor market trends and top searches by Amazon customers. It’s not just about what you like to sell. Market demands are the most important to note.

#3: Competition

Only choose products with healthy competition. Do not compete with well-known brands when just starting out. The best option is to compete with competitors with fewer sales and reviews.

#4: Be Unique

Rather than create more competition, look for a cogent need on the market and try to solve it. This is the best way to publicize your brand, apart from using Social media of course. Easily stored products fit best into this category since they are more durable and can stand the test of time.

Sourcing for What to Sell on Amazon

One amazing thing about selling on Amazon is that secret supplier contacts or special deals are not needed, all the seller needs to know is the product with the highest demand and returns on investment. Products on clearance aisles are sold on Amazon to realize more profits; liquidation and surplus stores are good places to source for products. Online sourcing is also recommended.

Final Thoughts

There is no precise way to know what is best sold on Amazon. Even if there is such a product, there’s no doubt that not everyone would go for it.

Selling on Amazon has been very profitable and has accommodated a large range of sellers across the globe selling diverse products. Top-selling parties definitely have huge smiles on their faces with each major sale.


How successful is selling on Amazon?

Transacting on Amazon affords you the opportunity of meeting several prospective buyers. Another plus is that there are high returns on investments that bring in good profit over a short period of time.

How much can Amazon sellers make?

Many Amazon sellers make up to $26,000-$810,000 per year in profits. Tons of Amazon sellers make even higher returns on their investments.

What does it cost to sell on Amazon?

Amazon has different selling plans to fit different sellers. There’s the professional plan and the individual plan. The professional plan costs a $39.99 monthly subscription without per-item selling fees. The individual plan costs $0.99 per sale.

What is the most sold item on Amazon?

The best-selling products on Amazon are electronic devices.

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