How to Sell on Amazon: The Basics

posted on 20, 04, 20, Mon 05:37

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You might want to start selling on Amazon to make a quick buck. Or you might wish to build a business and make a living out of it. Whatever you want to do or sell, Amazon's the place for it. However, taking the big step to start the process of becoming an Amazon seller is not the easiest thing to do. That's why, in this article, I'm going to teach you how to sell on Amazon.

Step One: Finding a product to sell 

This is not as easy as it sounds. There's a lot of research involved in finding a product that's profitable to sell. You have to find a product that you can buy with the money available to you, and you can sell at a cost-effective price. This product also has to be able to sell fast for quick turnover. You can use an Amazon product research tool such as Helium 10 or Jungle Scout to do the work if you have the capital. But if you don't have the money and you're looking for something quick to sell, retail/online arbitrage might be the best method for you. 

Retail/online arbitrage is the act of buying goods that are on sale or at lowered prices and selling them on Amazon. Arbitrage is different from wholesale selling because it is not bought in bulk. You can buy only a little bit and get the profit needed to move forward. So, in a nutshell, you have two options when finding out how to sell stuff on Amazon. 

You can get a research tool to find out a product to start your business with. Or you can go the arbitrage route if you're short on cash. 

Step Two: Setting up your Amazon Seller account

Aspiring Amazon sellers have to decide what selling plan works for them. Amazon has two seller plans, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. 

The first is individual entrepreneurship. This plan is the one almost every new Amazon seller. It's integrated into virtually every guide on how to sell on Amazon for beginners. In this plan, Amazon gets a cut of $0.99 on every sale you make. This plan only makes sense if you expect that you may not sell up to forty units of your product in a month. 

If you do believe that you can make sales of more than forty units a month, it's much more economical to buy the professional entrepreneur plan. For this plan, you pay $39.99 to Amazon every month upfront as their cut of your sales. Then you can enjoy the remainder of your profits. You can also earn the Buy Box.

You might not know it, but the possession of the Buy Box can be the reason why you make the sale instead of your competitor. The Buy Box is the Add to Cart button located at the side of the webpage. Amazon has an algorithm for distributing it amongst competitors in a niche, but only professional sellers can earn the right to compete for the Buy Box.

Step Three: Complete your registration

Your next course of action should be registering your account on Amazon Seller Central . It's a website designed to be as user-friendly as possible. You can manage your seller account from here and do tasks like input product information, create listings, etc.

You'll choose between the individual and professional seller accounts, so weigh your decision carefully. You'll also decide how you want your products to be shipped to the customer. There are two methods for this.

Fulfillment by Amazon : In learning how to sell on Amazon , there's no way you haven't encountered the phrase " Amazon-FBA ." But first of all, what is Amazon FBA ? Amazon FBA means Fulfillment by Amazon. This phrase means that, should you choose to store your goods in Amazon warehouses, Amazon will take care of your goods, shipping them to customers and their delivery. You just have to get your products and get them to Amazon centers. 

Fulfillment by Merchant : When the merchant fulfills a product, that means it's the third-party seller that has to deliver the product be themselves. This method of learning how to sell on Amazon is very harsh for the average seller. For both new and experienced users, it's much easier to just ship the products to one of Amazon-FBA's many warehouses. 

After completing your registration, you can now create your product listing and voilĂ ! You've learned how to sell on Amazon . The more you sell and get good reviews, the more you'll see the Buy Box appear on your page, which is vital for making more sales. 

In conclusion

There are some categories you'll need a bit of extra tutoring in. For example, how to sell books on Amazon or what to sell on Amazon FBA won't be a bad idea. But for now, this should be enough to start your Amazon business.

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