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In the field of marketing, every Seller’s dream is to make a lot of sales which is equivalent to more profits and abundant wealth in the long run. No one wants to stay invisible and unseen by clients that’s why they try to make sure their sales improve as much as possible. 

One of the reasons why in-depth research is necessary and important is because that’s what determines whether customers are going to patronize you or not. Believe me, there are certain products that will never attract clients to the product page. This is because the product doesn’t offer any value to them and they can do without it. 

The price range of products can also affect their decision of skipping or overlooking the product page on Amazon. One of the most effective ways or steps in product research is checking the number of possible sales that a product is likely to make in a day. 

This will let you know or understand how often customers purchase this product and then it is left for you to optimize your page to achieve this goal. 

In this article, we will be enlightening our audience on one of the most incredible Amazon tools called Sales Estimator for Amazon. 

What is an Amazon Sales Estimator?

We could say a simple definition of Amazon Sales Estimator- An Amazon sales estimator is a sales estimator built and developed especially for Amazon. In a more detailed way, we can say an Amazon sales estimator is an important retail tool designed to find the approximate volume of sales for a particular product on Amazon.

As a new seller looking to gain some ground on Amazon, there is a need to find out the most profitable niches and products that will yield enough profit yearly. No one wants a mediocre product that many customers would neglect and never buy. Also, as an existing seller on Amazon, there is a need to update one’s product listing once in a while, check for new trending products and make decisions based on that. That’s why a good sales estimator for Amazon comes in handy. 

How does it work?

It is not something too complicated to understand. It is actually an incredible tool every Amazon seller should use. This will help make some sales decisions concerning a niche of interest. So how does it work? Although there are several sales estimator for Amazon depending on the developer, it pretty much works in the same way. I have organized how an Amazon sales estimator works in steps below:

  1. The first thing to do is to locate your sales estimator. 
  2. After doing that, you need to pick the category on Amazon. There are a number of categories there. Find the niche your product belongs to and select it.
  3. You need to know your sales rank before calculating your sales estimate. The next thing is to enter your sales rank. The sales rank refers to Amazon’s numerical system that ranks each product based on current & historical sales. You can find a sales rank calculator that will help you with that.
  4. Find your sales rank and enter it in the space provided.
  5. Usually for most sales rank estimator tools online, after selecting the category and putting in the sales rank, your sales estimate will pop up. However, some sales rank estimator tools might go a step further to inquire about the market your products are sold in.
  6. After entering all these data requirements, the sales estimate of that particular product you have entered will pop out.

Benefits of a Sales Estimator

A sales estimator for Amazon works in such a way that it uses the sales rank of a product to calculate the estimated number of sales. This is beneficial in so many ways. Some of the benefits we could collate include the following:

  • It helps you find the best products to sell in a niche. A product with a high number of estimated sales is more likely to make great sales on Amazon. 
  • A Sales estimator helps you decide which product to sell when you have two or three products in mind. With the sales estimate, you can make comparisons trying different niches of your choice.
  • It would help new sellers on Amazon understand the kind of products that sell better.
  • You also get to know the sales estimate of your competitors. This will help you improve your game. 


A sales estimator is part of the tools every Amazon seller must have at reach. It is one of the best ways of locating the best selling product that will increase your brand visibility and earnings. However, not every tool out there gives accurate results. It is advisable to make use of retail tools such as Jungle Scout, Sellerapp or AMZScout.

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